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Invitation Wording for an Office Baby Shower

Examples of What Should be Included On a Workplace Baby Shower Invitation

You can invite your coworkers via email, bulletin board announcements, and/or memos. All invitations should be e-mailed out a month, one week, and the day before the Baby Shower. For those persons that are invited but not employed at your company, you can send the invitation once, preferably at about one month before the Baby Shower. They are likely to be family members or close friends of the expectant mother and are very unlikely to forget the big event. However, make for sure you give them plenty of time to take off work and prepare for the big event.

What to include:

  1. Expectant Mother’s and Father’s Name
  2. Room Number
  3. Date
  4. Times
  5. Theme – if there is one
  6. Where she is registered
  7. Baby’s Gender – if the gender is unknown, state this so that they will know to purchase neutral colors
  8. Baby’s Name- in case someone will be purchasing a personalized gift
  9. Any special Instructions :
    • For instance, maybe the shower is from 12:00 – 1:30 but it is not acceptable for everyone to stay the entire time.
    • Maybe there is a place designated for the presents to be dropped off at in the morning
  10. Department throwing shower
  11. Who to contact to RSVP/Contact information
  12. Deadline to RSVP
  13. Is the expectant mother having multiples?