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Free Mommy Advice Book

What are Mommy Advice Books?

These are nice to have at a Baby Shower! It allows the guests to give their advice to the expectant mommy and it is something else the mother can keep to further assist her in the weeks, months, and maybe even years to come. You can purchase them online or at many Department Stores or you can print the free Mommy Advice Book here. During the Baby Shower, you can set aside time to pass around the Mommy Advice Book or you can set it up so that the guest can sign the book whenever they please or as they enter or exit.

How to Put Together your Advice Book?

  1. Download the Mommy Advice Book
  2. Save the book
  3. Open in Microsoft Word
  4. Change the name on the first page to match the name of the expectant Mother.
  5. In the print options window go to Propetries èPrint Layoutè select Booklet and for the Duplexing options, select Two-sided.
  6. Print
  7. Fold first page – this will be your cover and back
  8. Fold all other pages and insert in the middle of the first page.
  9. Staple in the middle.

Note: 1 page will allow 4 people to add their name and advice.

Baby Shower Crafts - Mommy Advice Book