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Ideas for a Ladybug Baby Shower

Plan a Ladybug Baby Shower for a Baby Boy or Baby Girl!

Ladybugs can be both male and female and they can also be called lady-beets. Ladybugs are predominantly orange with black spots, but they have been known to come in gray, pink and brown. They have 6 legs, two pairs of wings, and a sensitive antennae. They eat aphids, insects with soft bodies that suck the juice out of plants. Use these ideas to come up with ideas for your baby shower. Here is a pink ladybug with other free baby shower clip art.

Unique Idea: For a corsage, use an artificial flower with miniature ladybugs

Ladybug Baby Shower Decorations

  1. Flower centerpieces with miniature ladybugs on them
  2. Ladybug Diaper Cake
  3. Ladybug shaped balloons
  4. Glue black felt circles on plain red tablecloths

Food for a Ladybug Shower

  1. Apple Lady Bug Treats (go to www.allrecipes.com)
  2. Cupcakes with red frosting and black spots
  3. Ladybug

Games to play at your Ladybug Baby Shower

  1. Stick the spot on the Ladybug
  2. Guess the Bugs – Place a large amount of black and red jelly beans in a jar and see if your guests can guess the correct amount

Ideas for Favors!

  1. Felt ladybug pouches with candy
  2. Ladybug shaped soap
  3. Flower pen with artificial ladybugs attached