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Diaper Party | Inexpensive Baby Shower Ideas

A Diaper Party is an Excellent Idea for a Second Baby Shower

Diaper parties are great for those second baby showers where the siblings may be fairly close together and the expecting mother may already have a lot of the items that she will need. It also makes the mommy feel better about having a second shower because she may find comfort in the fact that she is only asking for diapers. Even though everyone may be bringing the exact same gift, the baby shower can still be just as fun and unique as any other.

Diaper Party Invitation Ideas

  • Make these in the shape of diapers and place all the party details inside.
  • Embellish with adorable pastel colored diaper pins.
  • Below are some invitation wording ideas, but however you choose to word your invitations, be sure to include all the vital information along with your desires for the guests. Be sure to be specific on whether you want them to only bring diapers or you want them to bring diapers instead of a card, etc.

Diaper Party Decoration Ideas

  • Lay diapered stuffed animals around the room.
  • Using soft colored clothes pins, hand up diapers with the words “Baby Shower.” Place one letter on each diaper
  • Learn how to make a diaper cake! This would make a great centerpiece at your next diaper party! It also would serve as both a centerpiece and gift!
  • Make a cute Diaper Baby.

Diaper Party Games

  • Diaper the Baby – Blindfold the guest and see who can put a diaper on the doll the quickest.
  • Diaper the Men – Force the men to lay down and hand their partners a roll of paper towels. The partner then diapers the man with the roll of paper towels in a way that stays on when the man gets up is the winner.
  • Play the Dirty Diaper Game

Diaper Party Invitation Wording Ideas

One little girl was so much fun.
(Mommy) decided to have another one!
She already has most things she’ll need.
But we will shower her! Yes indeed!
But this one has a bit of a twist.
We are giving diapers! Please assist!
Please bring diapers of all sizes,
And come eat, play, and maybe win prizes.