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Diaper Baby | How to make an Adorable Diaper Baby

What are Diaper Babies?

A diaper baby is a baby made up of diapers that is then dressed in infant clothing. You can give your diaper baby a cap, bottles, pacifies, stuffed animals, etc. They are cute on the table where the guest of honor sits!

What you will need to make a Diaper Baby:

Diaper Baby

  • 1 bag of diapers
  • rubber bands, clear
  • infant clothing
  • cap
  • pacifier – optional

Directions for a Diaper Baby

  1. You start off by simply rolling a diaper from the open end and then bind it with a rubber band.
  2. Roll Diapers to Begin Diaper Baby

  3. Now unfold a diaper, DO NOT OPEN TABS, and wrap that diaper around the first rolled diaper. Continue until you have a roll of diapers that is approximately the size you want your diaper baby’s head to be.
  4. Correct Way To RollDiaper Baby Head

  5. Now repeat step 2, except for this time, you want a larger roll to represent the diaper baby’s body.
  6. Bind both together with a rubber band.
  7. Take 4 diapers and roll them from the open end. Secure with a rubber band.
  8. Insert two of the rolled diapers in the large rubber band that is holding the head and body together. These will be your diaper baby’s arms.
  9. Add the other two rolled diapers at the bottom of the body. These will be your diaper baby’s feet.
  10. Diaper Baby Body

  11. Take your clothing and stuff rolled diapers in the arms and legs if necessary, i.e. the baby does not fill out the clothing.
  12. Insert the body into the clothing. Add a cap to the head.
  13. You can insert a pacifier into the rolls of the diaper baby’s face!

Diaper Baby