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Book Baby Shower Ideas

A Book Baby Shower is Perfect for all Baby Shower Types

Book baby showers are perfect for co-ed baby showers, traditional showers, etc. They are fun and very effective in building the first library for the unborn baby. The idea is to have the guests bring a children’s book instead of a card. The guests are not suppose to purchase a book instead of a gift, it is in addition to the gift. Some people think that this idea is rude and the expecting mother should simply accept whatever she is given and be satisfied. But nowadays it is just as expensive to purchase a card as it is to buy a useful and long lasting book. Last time I checked, the Dollar Tree has books! Below are some ideas on how to throw a book baby shower as well as some invitation wording ideas.

Book Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

  • Make invitations in the shape of bookmarks and embellish them with ribbons and diaper pins. Use soft colors and baby shower clip art.
  • Make your invitations in the shape of book and put all the vital information for the shower, (date, location, names, etc.), on the inside
  • Be specific on the invitations! Make for sure that the guests know that you wish them to bring both a gift and a book.

Decorating For The Shower

  • Reading Stuffed Animals – Purchase inexpensive stuffed animal and place books in their paws or hands via glue. Don’t waste real books, use cardboard covered homemade book covers.
  • Have a huge decorated basket set out for everyone to place their books. Once a few guests have put in their books, this would be an adorable centerpiece.
  • Posters – place up posters of the expecting mother’s favorite characters from popular books
  • Book Ends – place book ends at the end of the gift and food tables.

Invitation Wording Ideas

There are ways to ask the guests to spend extra money on a book in a way that is polite and comfortable.

Diapers, bibs, bottles and more!
That’s what typical showers are for.
But this one has a bit of a twist.
We are building a library; Please assist!
If you don’t mind please bring a book,
On anything from fairy tales to “How to Cook.”
These are for Baby (Baby’s Name) to use,
Whether for enjoyment or helpful clues.
On the inside, please do inscribe,
Any message you’d like to provide.

Since (Mommy) is a veracious reader herself,
She already wants to build (Baby’s Name)’s bookshelf.
So instead of a card, please bring a book,
On anything from fairy tales to “How to Cook.”
And then (Mommy) will read your book to the little tyke,
On each and every single night.
It need not cost more than a card,
Just pick your fave and don’t think too hard!

Messages to Inscribe Inside the Book

Welcome to the world,
Oh precious little girl!
You are an angel from up above,
Sent as a blessing and to receive (mommy’s) love.

I wish you success in all that you do,
Except for anything that may be harmful to you.
I wish your career to be bountiful, and your heart full too.
May your home have sturdy walls.
And peace, love & happiness for all.

Age Appropriate Books To Give at a Book Baby Shower

  • First Words – I purchased on of these for my son from Target for $1.00
  • Nursery Rhymes w/ Sing Along Tunes.
  • Goodnight Moon
  • Little Movers series
  • My Fat Full of Fun Books
  • Baby’s First Disney Books

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