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Baby Shower Types

Learn About the Different Types of Baby Showers- Mod Mom, Couples, Adoption and More

Deciding on the type of baby shower you are going to have may assist you in selecting a theme. I’m sure you have heard of a couples shower, adoption shower, and a baby shower for mom but there are some other types listed here that may be new to you. If you other ideas, please share!

Sprinkle Baby Shower- Perfect for the “Second Baby Shower”

This is where you “sprinkle” the expecting mother with the basic items necessary to care for an infant such as diapers, bottles, socks, onesies, etc. These are great if the expectant mother already has the major items, (strollers, bassinets, car seats, etc.), either from purchasing them herself or from a previous child. They are normally thrown for expecting mothers who already have at least one child but not all Baby Showers thrown for a mommy-to-be with children have to be Sprinkle Showers. There may be a large gap in between her children and she may not have any of the items from her first child and would benefit from a regular Baby Shower.

Quick Recipe Baby Shower

Ask the guests to bring in their favorite quick recipes for the expecting mother so that she will not spend a whole lot of time in the kitchen. This can be in conjunction with the gift

Frozen Meals Baby Shower

Ask the guests to bring in a prepared dish that can be frozen and then thrown in the oven when the expecting mother is ready to cook it.

Donations Shower

This is a great shower to have if the expecting mother already has everything she needs but you still want everyone to come together and celebrate the upcoming event. You could still have the guests bring in their gifts and then donate them in the name of the mommy-to-be and/or the new baby.

Baby’s First Library

At this Baby Shower, the guests each bring in a book to help build the baby’s library! If your theme is Winnie-the-Pooh, then you can ask the guest to bring in their favorite Winnie-the-Pooh book!

Helping Hands Baby Shower

Ask the guests to supply coupons that the expecting mother can trade in for their services in cooking, baby sitting, cleaning, etc.

Afterbirth Baby Shower Party

Maybe it is just the girls throwing this Baby Shower and you want to remind the expecting mother of life before pregnancy! You can have a get together and have the guests bring in items such as lingerie, caffeine products, and coupons to seafood restaurants. Or you could take the name literally and buy the expecting mother gifts like a gift basket full of Tucks pads, sanitation napkins, nursing bras, etc.

Pamper Mommy Baby Shower

Throw a baby shower for mom and advise the guests to bring in gifts to “pamper” the expecting mothers only. These gifts could include candles, body wash, moisturizing soap, etc.

Baby Shower with Children

Having children at the Baby Shower could make it easier for more guests to attend and it would not be all that difficult to entertain them. Since most Baby Shower’s occur in the hostess’ home, you could set up an area for the children to have popcorn and a movie and assign one of the older children to be in charge and allow them to play quietly outdoors or in another room. You could also include them in the Baby Shower by allowing them to do some of the Baby Shower Activities like allowing them to design the next cool Onesie, or buy some items from the craft store and allow them to decorate a white Onesie.

Adoption Baby Shower

When throwing ad Adoption Baby Shower be sure to keep up with the parents on the status of the adoption procedure and be sure that everything is finalized before you throw a Baby Shower. Take the age of the child and the fact that the expecting mother is not pregnant into consideration when selecting baby shower games and party favors. You can throw the shower before the child arrives or afterward however, if the child is older take into consideration how he/she may feel if as soon as he/she comes home, there is a huge party with even more people he/she is not quite familiar with. On the other hand, some people find that throwing a party soon after the arrival is good and make them feel welcome. Also, if the child is old enough to have a favorite cartoon, you should consider having the baby shower theme match the child’s likes.

Co-Ed Baby Shower

Inviting men to the baby shower is becoming more and more popular and I have even been to Office Baby Showers where the guest of honor was a man! Having a Couples Baby Shower is becoming popular as well and as there will be men and women attending these showers try and pick some co-ed games and when selecting party favors, you could buy different favors for the men or you could find something that both will find useful and memorable.

Baby Shower for Dad

The first thing that comes to mind is the New Daddy Tool-belt! If you are throwing a Baby Shower for Dad, you should purchase one of these or make one on your own for the new father-to-be. If he is super sensitive to having a “Baby Shower for Dad,” then you could call it a Welcoming Party or Last Night Out Party, (before being a father). Leave snacks out on the table for the other men to snack on while the gifts are being opened. You could make it into a barbecue or having on a Sunday during the game! He is probably not going to want to play the traditional baby shower games and that is perfectly understandable and acceptable. The main purpose of any Baby Shower is to celebrate the birth of a new baby and to congratulate and assist the new parents. Relax and let him enjoy himself!

Surprise Baby Shower

Want to throw a surprise shower without the expectant mother knowing! This can prove to be difficult as you may have to be slick in getting everyone she would want to invite and a good date to have the shower out of her! Don’t scare her when she walks in or anything! You are going to need the cooperation of friends and family and most importantly of the significant other in the mommy-to-be life. If she is a single mother be sure to recruit her mother or someone else who would know everything and could help make for sure she arrives on time and is dressed appropriately. As we tend to get moody in our pregnancy stages, be sure that she would be up for a surprise baby shower. Catch her off guard and ask her early on. Everyone involved and invited should be made aware of the fact that this is a surprise baby shower so that no one will spill the beans.

Online Baby Shower

Yeah! That’s right! If you have a loved one that is far away or to old or ill to attend you have a Baby Shower online just like you can do just about everything else! Go to www.Webbabyshower.com for more information.

Book Baby Shower

If you want your guests to bring in a book instead of a card, then this page will give you some great ideas.