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Baby Shower Themes

Tips for Popular Baby Shower Party Themes

Choosing a baby shower party themes will help you with your planning and keep you organized! Your theme can revolve around a color, a cartoon character, or just an item usually associated with babies like teddy bears, small feet, rubber duckies, bottles, storks, pacifiers, diapers, etc. As for cartoon characters appropriate for the new born stage, the most popular is Winnie the Pooh. Others include Strawberry Shortcake, Care Bears, Disney Princess’ and Scooby Doo. Based on the babies gender, you may choose an athletic theme or a princess one. You can use the same theme the expectant mother is using for her nursery but this could be a bit expensive. As long as the givers know what theme her nursery is, it is not necessary that the Shower match it. Below are some great theme ideas or you can ask your own theme questions

Baby Shower Party Themes Examples!You can distinguish between your theme and what items you want the guests to bring, or you can make them tie in together. They are usually separate for baby showers at work because it is hard to coordinate everybody! Just let the guests bring what they would like her to have

Today, there are more and more baby showers themes that cater to the expecting mother instead of supplying goodies to the unborn baby. These are appropriately called “Pamper Mommy Showers” and the guests all bring the expecting mother’s gifts like books, bath products, candles, etc. There are also more and more Co-ed Baby Showers and Office Baby Showers where the expecting fathers are getting involved and receiving gifts!

Below you will find some popular baby shower themes that each have their own page with ideas for decorations, games, favors, etc. that will make it easy for you to make it all come together.