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Baby Shower Jeopardy

Baby Shower Jeopardy Game Questions and Answers

To play this baby shower jeopardy game you will need a huge poster board and label it with the five categories/columns: Maternity, Labor, Birth, Baby, and Toddler. Divide the poster board up into 25 squares, leave the categories visible but cover the other squares with index cards with the price on front and the clue and answer on the back.


  1. A t-shirt-like baby garment that can be sued as a complete outfit, as a t-shirt, or as an undergarment.
  • What is an onesie?
  • With a variety of styles including round and oval, this is a cozier and smaller first bed for your newborn than a crib.
    • What is a bassinet?
  • A New Yorker, named Marion Donovan invented this in 1950
    • What are disposable diapers?
  • In a popular Old Wives Tale, if your last child says Mommy before Daddy, then you are sure to have this
    • What is a boy?
  • These months cover the infant stage?
    • What are 0 -9 months?


    1. You are already four weeks pregnant before this result can be achieved.
    • What is a positive result?
  • Due to extra pressure from the growing baby, the pregnant woman will hve many visits here.
    • What is the bathroom?
  • This procedure calls for the extant mommy to drink a substance that tastes like a flat soda.
    • What is the Glucose Tolerance Test?
  • Once an expecting mother passes this trimester, her chances of carrying full term are greatly increased.
    • What is the first trimester?
  • This unique and popular baby shower gift/decoration is made entirely of diapers.
    • What is a diaper cake?


    1. This stage involves a lot of crying, “NO”, and temper tantrums.
    • What are the terrible twos?
  • A common condition among toddlers in which the legs curve outward at the knee level.
    • What are bowed legs?
  • Due to allergies, the age when most toddlers can have scrambled eggs.
    • What is one year?
  • A common age when parents begin potty training boys
    • What is two years old?
  • The age most toddler’s soft spot closes
    • What is 14 months


    1. If a large needle in your back seems less painful than labor pains, you will probably have this during labor
    • What is an epidural?
  • These are considered to be the most painful part of the labor process
    • What are contractions?
  • You are fully dilated when the opening of your cervix reaches this
    • What is 10 cm?
  • Most expecting parents argue over this in the delivery room. It is maintained with the expecting mother in mind and how hard her and her body will be working.
    • What is the room temperature?
  • The average length of labor for first time mommies.
    • What is 14 – 16 hours?

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