Baby Shower Itinerary

This is an example of an itinerary for a Baby Shower . There are sure to people popping up who did not RSVP and some that the expectant mother has never seen if the Baby Shower is large enough. Don’t concern yourself with these factors, just focus on what you have and have fun! Most Baby Showers last at least one and a half hours and it is not required that you pass out Baby Shower Party Favors.

  1. Guests Arrive
  2. Greet at the door
  3. Welcome all
  4. Recognize the Guest of Honor
  5. Icebreakers
  6. Serve any appetizers/ Place them on tables to help make a Co-ed Baby Shower go more smoothly
  7. Open Gifts
  8. Games
  9. Eat main course
  10. Allow expecting mother to speak – warn her first
  11. Pass out Party Favors
  12. Ask guests to sign Mommy Advice Book as they leave.

Note: if you have a Mommy Advice Book you can let the guest sign the book as they enter or as they exit