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How to make a Diaper Wreath

Instructions on How to Make a Diaper Wreath

Learning how to make a diaper wreath is easier than you think! Diaper Wreaths are unique and decorative gift ideas that are made of a wreath base and diapers with small gift items attached. If you want to give an unusual gift at the baby shower than this is definitely one that will get a lot of attention.

What you will need to make a Diaper Wreath:

Diaper Wreath

  • Wreath base, I prefer the Styrofoam wreath base (they have circle and heart shaped ones)
  • Wreath Base

  • 1 bag diapers
  • 1 roll of ribbon (3/8”)
  • Rubber bands
  • Gift items you want to attach

Directions for a Diaper Wreath

  1. Unfold diaper without undoing the sides. Place the diaper around the wreath so that the wreath is in the crease of the diaper. Gather top of diaper and secure with rubber band, wire, string, or ribbon.
  2. Diaper Wreath - Correct way to Open Diapers.Diaper Wreath - Cover entire Base

  3. Continue step one until the entire wreath is covered. Be for sure that you squeeze the diapers already on the wreath together before adding more; get as many diapers on the wreath as possible.
  4. Your Wreath Base is Completely covered

  5. If you did not use ribbon to secure the open tops of the diapers, cover up the rubber bands, wire, and/or string with colorful ribbon now.
  6. Add decorative ribbons.

  7. Attach your gift items by tucking them in the rubber bands or by tying them on with existing or new ribbon.
  8. Add pacifiers

  9. you can attach pacifiers by inserting the ribbon through pacifier handle before completing the knot.
  10. Add Bottle

  11. attach bottles with the rubber band that holds the diaper closed.