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Baby Shower Crafts

Baby Sower Crafts – Easy and Inexpensive

Baby Shower Crafts are fun to make and constructing the favors and/or baby shower gifts yourself will help cut down the costs of the shower. You can even have making baby shower crafts part of the party! For example, you could have it so that everyone has a contest to see who can design the best onesie or have all the guests complete a page for the expecting mom’s scrapbook.

When you are planning on a budget, you should definitely take the time to make your own favors! Favor craft ideas would include soaps, flower pens, cookies in cellophane bags, etc. Be creative and resourceful when you are planning for games, favors and gifts. Below you will find a list of baby shower craft ideas that you can select and learn how to make on your own!

Diaper Cake

Baby Shower Crafts - Diaper Cake

Pictured above before all the baby shower gifts are attached to the diaper cake. Easy to follow instructions available for free with pictures to help you follow along!

Diaper Wreath

Baby Shower Crafts - Diaper Wreath

This is a creative idea that will soon be as big as the diaper cake! wreaths come in different sizes and shapes so you make a diaper “frame” wreath, diaper “heart” wreath, etc. It is all up to you; the instructions are still the same.

Mommy Advice Book

Baby Shower Crafts - Mommy Advice Book

Also known as a “Baby Advice Book”, these can be passed around or left it out for the guests to sign and add their advice before they leave. Mommy-to-be can use the advice for years to come!

Dainty Cups

Baby Shower Crafts - Dainty Cup

Add mints, nuts, jelly beans, etc to these cute dainty cups at your next baby shower!

Baby Shower Notepad Party Favor

An excellant favor or prize for an Office Baby Shower! These cute notepads were created using Paint, Word, glue, and paper!

Flower Pens

Baby Shower Favor - Flower Pen

Easy and adorable idea for a favor at a cheap baby shower! Think about how inexpensive pens, ribbons, and glue are!

Baby Shower Mint cup

Baby Shower Crafts - Baby Booie Mint Cup

This would be perfect for table centerpieces and they are made out of paper cups. Fill them with nuts, mints, jelly beans, etc.

Homemade Gift Baskets

Baby Shower Crafts - Gift Basket

Learn how to combine different items to make unique baby shower gift baskets and then click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the instructions on how to build the gift basket and wrap with cellophane!

Diaper Baby

Baby Shower Crafts - Diaper Baby

These are quick, fun, and adorable to make. It is a baby made out of diapers that is then dressed up with a cap, sleeper, and pacifier!

Baby Sock Bouquet

Baby Shower Crafts - Baby Sock Bouquet

Beautiful centerpiece and gift for your next Shower.