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Baby Shower Clip Art | Free Printable Baby Shower Clip Art

Useful and Free Baby Shower Clip Art

Use this Free Baby Shower Clip Art to help you make your homemade baby shower invitations or games and favors. Right click on the clip art and save to your computer! To add it to your Word documents use the text box feature to insert the baby shower clip art in the desired location. If you have Paint, you can save it to your computer as a Bitmap file so that when you open the image in Paint, you can adjust the colors and size! If you do not find any clip art that would match your baby shower theme, please leave a suggestion! Also, there are a lot of other sites that offer free clip art so you could probably find what your looking for by browsing.

Baby Boy Baby Shower Clip Art

More baby boy shower clip art to come!

Baby Shower Clip Art - Baby Boy BootiesBaby Shower Clip Art - Baby Boy SleeperBaby in TubIt's a Boy SignBlue RibbonIt's a Boy BibCaucasian Swinging BabyAfrican American Swinging BabyBaby With signTrainTeddy Bear in YellowBallAfrican American Baby in DiaperCaucatian Baby in DiaperBlue Stork

Baby Girl Baby Shower Clip Art

more baby girl baby shower clip art to come!

BalloonsBaby Girl SleepersBaby Girl BootiesBaby Girl PrizePink LadybugPink StorkIt's a Girl SignPink FootprintPink RattleTeddy Bear in Pink

Either Boy or Girl Baby Shower Clip Art (Gender Unknown)

Baby BottlesCactusBuilding BlocksButtonsBaby FootrpintRattlesfrogCowboyPair of Baby FootprintsBaby StrollerRubber Duckie