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Baby Shower Centerpieces | Selecting the Correct Centerpiece?

Ideas for Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby Shower Centerpieces are fun and easy to make and/or select! When you are selecting your baby shower centerpiece, you should consider what your budget is, how to tie it in with the theme, and the mood of the baby shower. For Instance, if you went way out to have an elegant baby shower, you would not want to have baby shoe mint cups, (which are made of paper plates), for your baby shower centerpiece. However, if you are on a budget, those mint cups would be perfect and could easily be decorated or manipulated to match your theme. You should also consider where the centerpiece will be located in your planning. If you are placing it on the gift table, you would want something that really stands out but if are simply looking for centerpiece ideas for each guest table, you would want something cute and small.

Baby Shower Centerpieces for a Tight Budget

If you are on a tight budget, you should definitely search the web and review some of our ideas for quick and inexpensive baby shower centerpieces you can make on your own. You could even have a baby shower centerpiece that serves as a centerpiece and a gift like the baby shower diaper cake, diaper wreath, or a beautifully decorated gift basket. A scrapbook would even do the trick! For specific examples of a cheap baby shower centerpiece, please see below:

Baby shower Centerpieces - Diaper Cake

Although Diaper Cakes can be expensive, they could easily serve as both a centerpiece and a gift. You could also learn how to make a diaper cake on your own and save money.

Baby shower Centerpieces - Diaper WreathJust like the diaper cake, this could easily have a dual purpose: gift and centerpiece. However, unlike the diaper cake they can be purchased rather inexpensively or you could learn how to make a diaper wreath .

Baby shower Centerpieces - Bottle with FlowersThis is a great idea! Simply use baby bottles as a vase and insert artificial flowers and greenery!

Baby Shower Centerpieces - Stuffed AnimalsIf your theme is Winnie the Pooh, Teddy Bears, Jungle Baby, etc. you could easily purchase stuffed animals and use them as centerpieces. If they will be on the food table or on each table the guest will be sitting at, you could consider putting candy jars or flowers in thier arms or place cute little ribbons, bows or ribbon aroun the stuffed aminals neck!

Other Centerpiece Ideas include:

  • Use empty and clean baby food jars filled with jelly beans, bubble gum, miniature pacifier candy mints, etc. Tie a ribbon around these and they are absolutely adorable!
  • Tip: Use the pastel colored jelly beans or bubble gum!
  • Alphabet blocks scattered around the food table is a nice touch. You could also use rubber duckies or pacifiers
  • Baby Shower confetti or plastic diaper pins scattered around the tables are cheap and colorful
  • Hang nine diapers from hangers with clothes pins to spell out BABY SHOWER
  • Hang baby pacifiers from ribbon around the room
  • Wagons and Tonka Trucks full of building blocks or Lego’s would be adorable for a boy baby shower!
  • Gather a bunch of balloons together and tie them with a ribbon. You can make the colors theme or gender specific.
  • Hang all of the new baby outfits on a homemade clothesline!

Baby Clothesline

Centerpiece Ideas for the Baby Shower Food Table

Decorating your food table is just as important as decorating the table the mother-to-be will be sitting at. You do not have to go overboard and below you will find some great ideas for a Baby Shower Centerpiece on the Food Table.

Baby Shower Centerpieces - Cookie Basket
Baby Shower Centerpieces - Baby Shoe Mint/Nut Cup

It is so easy to make baby bootie cups and they are absolutely adorable. Fill with your favorite small snack item.